Actively Expanding Technological Exchange with Foreign Countries and Deeply Integrating into Global Innovation Networks | Shenzhen Advanced Institute Delegation Visits Multiple Synthetic Biology Research Institutions in Japan

The 2023 Asian Society for Synthetic Biology (ASBA) Annual Conference was successfully held in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan from February 12th to 17th. The ASBA Annual Conference is held annually in the four new countries of China, Japan, and South Korea, adopting a small-scale, high-quality, and invitation based conference model. Every year, we invite synthetic biologists from various Asian countries who have made outstanding contributions in the previous year to participate in academic presentations. This year, 26 Chinese scholars from well-known scientific research institutions, such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenzhen Advanced Technology Research Institute, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shandong University, East China Normal University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, were invited to attend the conference. Liu Chenli, co chairman of ASBA and vice president of Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenzhen Advanced Technology Research Institute, led a delegation to attend the meeting.

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On December 18th, Shenzhen Advanced Institute held a lecture at the University of Tokyo, detailing the research environment, laboratory equipment, and various research projects within the institute, attracting more outstanding graduate students and research talents to join the team of Shenzhen Advanced Institute. Subsequently, a delegation from Shenzhen Advanced Institute visited the Norikazu ICHIHASHI laboratory at the University of Tokyo, as well as the Daisuke KIGA laboratory at Waseda University (initiator of the Japan Society for Synthetic Cell Research). Both sides conducted in-depth exchanges on cooperation in the design and application of artificial cells.

On December 19th, the delegation was invited to visit the headquarters of the Japan New Energy Industry Technology Development Agency (NEDO) and engage in exchange activities with representatives from the agency and the Japan Science and Technology Revitalization Agency (JST) to jointly explore future plans and cooperation in the field of biomanufacturing.